Building & Site Sinking Fund Information

Otsego Public Schools is fortunate to have wonderful facilities that represent a great source of pride in the Otsego community; our facilities are used by groups across the region. Much of that is due to the voters' generosity passing a bond in 2004. Otsego was able to build a new, state-of-the-art high school, new athletic facilities and make significant upgrades to our other school buildings. It is important to us to maintain the pristine condition of those facilities, maintain that pride and continue to be a resource for organizations, fine arts groups and athletic associations. There are needed upgrades and repairs that did not fall into the 2004 bond projects that the district would like to address sooner, rather than later, so we can keep expenses down.

The repairs fall into three categories:

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  1. Safety & Security
  2. Energy Efficiencies & Upgrades
  3. Site Improvements/Maintenance

We are looking at a Building and Site Sinking Fund to provide the financial resources we need without taking away funds from the classroom. Below, you will find several pieces of information related to this proposal. 

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