Otsego is thrilled to offer two preschool programs to help our students gain an early start in their educational careers. Early Childhood Education is extremely important to a child's academic development; it helps create their personal foundation, and love, for learning, and expands their horizons and minds to get them ready for the K-12 curriculum.

   We also run a free music and movement class, Tots 'N Tunes, for kids ages 0-5.

   GSRP, Great Start Readiness Program, is housed at Alamo Elementary. The tuition is income-based and supported by the Allegan Area Educational Service Agency.

   Learn 'n Grow:
   Otsego Public Schools started a district preschool in 2007 called Learn 'N Grow at Washington Street Elementary School. In 2011, it expanded into Alamo Elementary and Dix Street Elementary. This is a tuition-based program offered to 3 year olds at Alamo and Washington Street Elementary schools, and 4 year olds at all three elementary schools. We have special state funding that allows for the Dix Street 4-year-old classes to run tuition-free if families meet certain criteria. For more information, tuition costs and applications, go to the Learn 'N Grow page.

Learn 'n Grow 2017-18 Enrollment
Starts February 1st!



Tots 'n Tunes!   Do you have a child ages 0-5? Bring them to Tots 'n Tunes to get them involved in this FREE music and movement class! The classes take place on Tuesdays at 9:30am once a month at each of our elementary schools. You can come to all of them! 2016-17 Tots 'n Tunes Schedule