Students look over the market stores to see how they are going to spend their Smalldon Bucks.
The Smalldon Bucks have been adding up all year and finally kids were able to do some shopping with their special Open Market Day.

Whenever Mrs. Smalldon’s 5th grade students showed responsibility throughout the year - turning in assignments, doing their classroom jobs, returning Friday folders or answering questions, volunteering, etc. – they  would earn Smalldon Bucks.  This week, they finally got to reap the rewards of their hard work by holding an Open Market.

Students could bake treats, make crafts, host a game, conduct a raffle or any other idea they had for a “store front.” They were very creative and there was a great variety of items to choose from while shopping; there were homemade goodies, friendship bracelets, stress balls, bookmarks and more items for sale. There was also a raffle for a water soaker and rentals for fidget spinners. The kids set prices and each had their own table set up. Other students and staff members visited the market too and everyone had a great time and purchased some great items.