Mrs. Hitchcock works with students on science.
It’s been a win-win. From interventions in core classes to enriching students’ talents, a lot happens during OMS WIN time.

Each Tuesday and Thursday at OMS, students go in many different directions for a half an hour in the morning. From 8:45-9:15am, students participate in WIN time. WIN stands for What I Need. This time was put into place as a common intervention time to give students the help they need in certain subjects, the time they need to finish assignments or study, or a time when they learn something new like a game, a hobby or a life skill.

When you walk around the halls during WIN time, you’ll see meaningful moments between students and teachers, students and other staff members and students with parent and community volunteers. WIN sessions run for two weeks; students are either chosen for time with a teacher in one of their classes or can choose to stay in a class, go to a study hall or take an enrichment class.

OMS has seen benefits for a large portion of the population that come in different ways, “It benefits students because they can work in small groups, on specific skills, and they are able to have their questions answered. Often it involved re-teaching in a way that reaches those particular students, who maybe did not get it the first way it was taught,” says teacher Candace Holmes, who coordinates the WIN sessions.

As Principal Melissa Koenig has said, “We have to make time the variable and learning the constant.” Mrs. Holmes says that with WIN, students are getting the time they need to understand concepts, “All students are not going to understand all concepts at the same pace. This program is perfect for allowing mastery from all students.”

If they’re not in one of their regular classes, students have the opportunity to take an enrichment course which allows them to sign up for something that might not fit in the regular schedule. Staff members, parents and volunteers come in to teach the enrichment courses which have included baking, the OMS news/video, chemistry experiments, ping pong, chess, knitting, art, automotive skills, 3D design, hair styling, karaoke, Rubik’s cube strategy, and more. It has also served as a time for different groups like STAND and Be Nice to get together to meet or plan out their next activities. These enrichments are a lot of fun, but they also provide learning opportunities like learning new types of writing or design or higher-level thinking skills as they try to conquer a Rubik’s cube or chess. “Many of these students have been able to work with volunteer community members and have created new relationships by being mixed in with students from other grades,” Holmes adds.

Mrs. Layton works with a student during WIN time.

Mrs. Layton works with a student during WIN time.


Chemist and OMS parent, Mrs. Gross, helps students with chemistry experiments she taught during a WIN enrichment.

Chemist, and OMS parent, Becky Gross does chemistry experiments during WIN enrichment.

Mrs. Emmons meets with the Be Nice Leadership Team during WIN time.

Mrs. Emmons meets with the Be Nice Student Leadership Team during WIN time.

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