Students scan animal photos to hear their classmates research reports which are on video.
WSE 4th graders didn’t have to go far to travel the world and explore its habitats. They held a virtual zoo right outside their classrooms.

In 4th grade, each student must complete an animal research project that falls into a global habitat. With technology, students have been able to take this research project to a new level. Here, art, technology, writing and science all come together.
Students are broken up into groups for a habitat such as the rain forest, the ocean, the Savana, the arctic and others. They each pick an animal living in that habitat and research it. Once they have written their report, they record it on video.
Through an app called Aurasma, they connect their video with a picture of their animal. The teams work together to build a 3D habitat with their animal photos. When students scan that photo, a video pops up to display the student's recorded research report so they can hear all about it!
It’s a fun and engaging way for students to learn about other animals and create reports.