Students buy and sell, while only speaking Spanish, during Market Day in Spanish 2.
Spanish students put on a Market Day this week in their Spanish 2 class. They learned the art of creating a business, products, bargaining and shopping in a new language.

The middle school Spanish 2 classroom looked and sounded a lot different on Market Day. It’s when students’ final projects were complete and the bargaining began! Students worked in groups of 2 or 3 to create their own store. They had to create a storefront sign and a commercial for their business. Some students created a video, others did a live commercial as class began.

Once they all got started, they could go around and shop using fake money. There was a variety of items that kids could buy including cookies, homemade gifts, Legos, clothes, animals (stuffed), bracelets and much more! Of course, all of the price negotiation was done in Spanish.

“It’s a fun, cultural project yet has real-life application to it,” explains teacher Mrs. Patin. This is the first time she’s done this project at Otsego and it went very well.