Almost 200 bags of shoes are loaded into a semi to go to Funds2Orgs for the Backpack Buddies shoe drive.
Thank you to the greater Otsego community for your generosity of shoe donations! They were packed up in a semi to be weighed. Each pound is $0.40 for Backpack Buddies!

For three months, Backpack Buddies coordinators at each of our buildings have been bagging up shoes, 25 pair in each bag. Washington Street was the busiest, collecting 132 bags. That was the drop-off location for their student and staff donations as well as community donations. Several bags came from local businesses who got into the drive by putting out donation boxes. USF Holland donated hundreds of shoes equaling about 70 bags alone! 

There are still shoes waiting to be delivered to Funds2Orgs, which works with local organizations to hold shoe drives as a fundraiser, like Backpack Buddies. They pay 40 cents per pound for the shoes. They take the shoes to developing countries for different causes and the money goes to the local organization. Jennifer Rickstad, the Backpack Buddies coordinator for WSE, estimates that our district donation of almost 200 bags of shoes will equal about $2,000 for the program. With a cost of about $150 per student per year, OPS will be able to add 13 students to the Backpack Buddies program which helps to feed students on the weekends and over holiday breaks. 

Along with our district families, we would like to send a thank you to some of our other major contributors: United Methodist Church of Otsego, Safari Circuits, RWE Healthy Living, West Michigan Cancer Center.