Nate Chambers and his family pose for a picture ahead of his official signing ceremony to play football at Hillsdale College.
Senior Nate Chambers is charging ahead to Hillsdale this fall for football and finance.

The weight has been lifted and the wonder is over for senior Nate Chambers. It is now official that he will head to Hillsdale College in the fall and be a part of the football team, “It’s a stress off my shoulders,” he says. “It’s been a goal and dream of mine since I was very little. I always told people I would play in college.” He spent countless hours this year looking at schools, visiting schools, sending tapes and emails; just when it started getting discouraging, as many leads fizzled out, he found Hillsdale.

“People kept telling me to look at Hillsdale,” he says. He sent an email and started researching. They had a lot he was looking for – they were Division 2, had a great football program and Hillsdale is known for academics. He visited the school and eventually knew this was where he wanted to go, “I feel like what got me to where I was like ‘I need to go here’ was the people; they were all accepting and nice. It’s a smaller school, but there’s a variety in what people are going to do, no one is doing the same thing.” He thought it was also encouraging to see that other football players took part in extra-curricular activities and had outside interests. Nate also thinks the school will be good for him on an organizational level, “The staff kept emphasizing how intense and rigorous Hillsdale is and being away from home I know I’ll need something to keep me on the straight and narrow.”

Nate Chambers' friends joined him at his official signing ceremony to play football at HIllsdale College.

The fall, he was named 1st Team All-Conference for his roles as a Tight End and Defensive End. While his position could change, he was recruited to Hillsdale for defense. He plans to make football his full-time job; he is not taking this opportunity for granted, it means a lot for him to be able to fulfill this dream, “Sports has done so much for me as a student and as a competitor in the next step in life. I wanted more than just high school.” He says it’s fun to play with friends, but he’s looking forward to the competitiveness that comes at the collegiate level, “I want to make football seem like it’s my job, at least for the next four years. That’s a pretty fun job.”

For his future job, he plans to go into Finance to eventually be in financial management.