Supt. Jeff Haase presents retiring Board Trustee Bryon Campbell with a plaque and bell for his years of service for OPS.
Otsego honored long-time board member, Bryon Campbell, this week as he retired from the Board of Education after 14 years.

He was an Otsego student and graduate, then a proud Otsego parents of two sons, then he became a trustee for the Otsego Board of Education 14 years ago. “To be able to give back to the school that I graduated from and my sons graduated from is something that I will be forever grateful,” Campbell says as he reflects on his time on the board.

As a graduate, he never would have thought he would part of any board of education, but says being on the board has been one of the most rewarding things he’s been involved in in his life, “I wish all the current and future board members the same kind of experience and sense of pride I have for being part of Otsego Public Schools.”

Looking back, there is a long list of proud moments for Otsego schools that has happened while he served on the board. “The new high school and campus upgrades, the way our students are so servant driven for the community and beyond, our teachers and administrators working together to make our district the best; the many awards that OPS has won for academic excellence, student awards and achievements, Capturing Kids Hearts program, the innovative approach that our teachers and administrator take to help "all" students, and especially the way Otsego has become a destination school and a community of choice to raise families.”

He’ll miss the people that he’s had the opportunity to meet, know and respect, he says, as well as the comradery of the board members. They’ve watched accomplishments and worked through struggles throughout the years, but Otsego has had stability and good leadership, Campbell says, “our board has been steadfast in our positions and supportive of the difficult decisions.”

His time on the board has also given him a greater appreciation for our teaching staff and the challenges that come with educating our students; also, an appreciation for leadership in the district, and how important it is to making OPS successful. “We have been fortunate in Otsego, to have had great leadership and I believe we have some up and coming leaders in our district that I am sure will do great things for OPS in the future.”

Above all, he says, being on the board has been about the students, “Always, always, always the students! They are so full of life, energy, and passion for the future.  I have had the honor of listening to many of the graduation speeches and it never ceases to amaze me how articulate, witty, and insightful these young women and men are; just being part of this, makes me very proud,” he says. Campbell was the Outstanding Alumnus winner in 2009.