Dr. Anne Hoekstra talks to the AP Biology class about her career in Gynecologic Oncology.
AP Biology students have a better understanding of what types of biology careers are out there thanks to a special speaker series.

AP Biology teacher Kristin Alkire kicked off a new feature this year for her AP Biology students, a speaker series of Careers in Biology. 

"I really wanted my students to hear about as many careers as possible," Mrs. Alkire says. When she was in high school, she loved biology but didn't know how many careers were out there in that field.

She brought in six different speakers covering, some Otsego graduates, covering a wide range of specialties. Students heard about aquatics biology, public health, biomedical sciences, histology, medical technology/virology, research in bioinsecticies and gynecological onconology and surgery. Those are just a few of the possibilities.

"My number one goal is for the kids just to know these jobs exist, that these jobs are out there. If they love biology, they'll have lots of opportunities in a wide variety of fields," she says. Many seniors in her class are looking at going into the medical or science field so they have enjoyed hearing about the different careers and having the opportunity to ask questions. 

Guest speakers included:

  • Adam Walker, Aquatics biology (OHS grad)
  • Julee Campbell, Public Health (OHS grad)
  • Brett Toman, Histology
  • Deb Stevenson, Medical Technology, Virology
  • Cathy Foune, Bioinsecticides
  • Dr. Anna Hoekstra, Gynecological Oncology Surgeon