Tyler with his parents, Matt and Stacie and his sister Mattie.
Just as his senior year ended, his future became a little clearer. All-state golfer, Tyler Rayman, secured his plans to continue golfing in college by signing with Eastern Michigan.

He hopes one day to be a professional golfer, and now Tyler Rayman is at least one step closer to making that dream a reality. It’s been something he’s heard for years now, the question of “where will you play golf after high school?”.

Finally, he can give them an answer. Just after the qualifying tournament for the Michigan Amateur – which he made – he received a call from Eastern Michigan University offering him a scholarship to be on the team. “It’s a huge relief to know that I did make it and made it to what I was supposed to do, which was go Division 1,” Tyler says. He had talked with them prior to this year, but hadn’t received an offer. He also didn’t accept other offers because he was holding out hope for a Division I school, such as EMU, “They play against the best in the country. They have a good golf program and a good schedule.”

He’ll be traveling a lot, he’s mostly looking forward to playing the southern schools. “I’m looking forward to stacking myself up against the best in the country and seeing where I’m at,” he says. “It’s kind of straight forward. The tournaments get harder, the courses get longer. I’m excited for it and think I’m prepared to do well.”

He’s been preparing his whole life. Literally. “I have pictures of me before I could even walk holding a golf club,” Tyler says.

His skills come naturally and it was easy to work on his game. He grew up on a golf course where his dad was the golf pro. Later, Matt Rayman was also his high school coach. This has been a journey for both of them, “Growing up on the golf course, it’s been easy to spend time with him to play,” Matt says. Needless to say, this signing is a proud moment for him, “It’s something that was part of the plan, he has always loved golf. It’s not hard to coach that. For him to get to his main goal to play at a high-level school is awesome,” Matt adds.

“It’s the best of both worlds to a certain degree. You have a coach you like and it’s my dad. He‘s been there every step of the way,” Tyler says of his dad.

This week, Tyler entered into the biggest tournament for amateurs in Michigan. It’s a great way to top off what has been a great high school career. He has more than 50 wins with high school and other tournament play. As a varsity player all four years, he’s been All-Conference (4 years), Conference MVP last year, he is now a 3-time Kalamazoo Gazette Golfer of the Year and has has 3 top 10 finishes at the state finals. He placed 4th his sophomore year, 10th his junior year and ended 5th this year. The Otsego team won regionals his junior year and has won the conference for six years in a row. They’ve also taken home a few district titles in his time.

While playing professional golf is his ultimate goal, he’ll be studying business and financial planning at Eastern.