From left: Brinley Badders, Nick Bachlich, Sophia Saunders, Caraline Kitchen, Roberts Phillips and Jax Visser.
OMS honors night wrapped up with the announcement of the 2017 Jennings Award recipients, the most coveted honor at the school.

As part of the indoctrination into middle school, every 6th grade English Language Arts teacher reads the book “They Cage the Animals at Night” by Jennings Michael Burch to the students. "It is a heart wrenching autobiography of one child’s experience of being placed in 32 foster homes beginning at the age of 8," Principal Melissa Koenig explained at honors night, "Faced with physical and emotional abuse, he simply craved a sense of belonging."

The Jennings Rule, which is posted in every classroom is the expectation of how we treat each other. It reads: “No child shall be made fun of, embarrassed or humiliated in any way before, during or after school hours. Each student, no matter how different, will be accorded the respect and dignity which is his or her human right.”

This year, we asked our student body to vote on a male and a female in their grade level who they felt exemplified that rule and who they felt was most deserving. The recipients' character is true and genuine, so much so that other students take notice and recognize them as the epitome of these traits. They treat all others with dignity and respect even when no one else is around to give accolades. Congratulations to this year’s winners of this coveted award: 6th graders - Sophia Saunders & (tie between) Robert Phillips/Nick Baclich , 7th graders - Owen Jacobs & Brinley Badders, 8th graders - Caraline Kitchen & Jax Visser. (Owen Jacobs was unable to attend honors night and is not pictured above.)

Caraline Kitchen has received this award all three years of middle school.