Mileage Club Milestone

Mileage Club is a fun running club where two times a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, students can run laps during their lunchtime recess. Students collect sticks for every lap and rack up the miles throughout the year!

Summer Food Program

*Meals at the high school will correspond with summer camps and will be served outside.

Home Run!

Ever since t-ball as a kid, baseball has been a part of Sam Morgan's life. And his time on the competitive field isn't ending. He'll play at Aquinas in the fall. 

Boyz on the Move

Modeled after Girls on the Run, Boyz on the Move is in its 6th year at Otsego Public Schools. It started in 2011 at Alamo Elementary and expanded to Dix Street Elementary the next year. It’s a program for boys in 4th and 5th grades to help them deal with the pressures of growing up.

Classroom Connection

Tyler Johnson is now back at school and doing great, despite being out of the regular classroom for a few weeks. Thanks to technology, he was able to get the medical help he needed, but stay connected to the classroom.