Welcome, Lori Taylor

Lori Taylor writes realistic fiction – fun, fictional stories that stem from real-life events and adventures. She shared with students from Washington and Dix Street elementaries about how she finds her inspiration from her adventures outside. She always carries a pencil, paper and sketchbook with her, “This is how I write my books and illustrate them,” she says.

Nominate an Educator

Nominations are currently being sought for the Outstanding People for Education award. This award is sponsored by the Allegan County School Boards Association. Each of the eight schools in the AAESA area participate in this coveted award that goes to (up to) three people in each district.

Saving Lives

Each year, Otsego High School students organize three blood drives with the American Heart Association to help those in need. The HS Student Council runs the drive, but students and staff members all donate. 

Jump Rope for Heart

Otsego students are making an incredible donation to the American Heart Association thanks to generous family members and friends.