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Alamo Entrepreneurs

Alamo fourth graders went from studying supply and demand, market competition and expenses and profits to putting their new knowledge to the test. They learned all about what it takes to run a business; to get the feel of that, they decided to create a business of their own.

Careers in Biology

AP Biology teacher Kristin Alkire kicked off a new feature this year for her AP Biology students, a speaker series of Careers in Biology. 

"I really wanted my students to hear about as many careers as possible," Mrs. Alkire says. When she was in high school, she loved biology but didn't know how many careers were out there in that field.

YWCA Honor

At the 33rd annual YWCA Women of Achievement awards dinner, five young women were also honored. Otsego senior, Brooke Galloway, was among those five high school students given the Young Women of Achievement Award.  “It is very humbling and I’m very proud,” she says of the honor.

Open Market Day

Whenever Mrs. Smalldon’s 5th grade students showed responsibility throughout the year - turning in assignments, doing their classroom jobs, returning Friday folders or answering questions, volunteering, etc. – they  would earn Smalldon Bucks.  This week, they finally got to reap the rewards of their hard work by holding an Open Market.