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"Friends of the Band"

Be a part of the Otsego Public Schools Band by being a
"Friend of the Band" contributor.

For your tax deductible donation of:
$200 or more, become a Gold Member
$100-$199, a Blue Member
$50-$99, a White Member
$49 or less will be noted

Your name will appear in every concert program and Otsego Band Invitational program of that current year. Your continued support to the Otsego Band Boosters will help improve and continue its high standard of quality in music.

Please make checks payable to:
Otsego Band Boosters
Attn: "Friends of the Band"
P.O. Box 141, Otsego, MI 49078

Thank You for your support!

Email: otsegobands@gmail.com
Website: www.otsegobands.com