Keeping your children safe during school is a top priority at Otsego Public Schools. In addition to our own safety measures, we comply with the State of Michigan School Safety Requirements. These include a number of drills throughout the year. Here is the latest information and requirements for the 2014-15 school year.

Each building must conduct:

  • At least 5 fire drills each year; three must be held before December 1st and the other two must be done during the remainder of the year with reasonable time between each drill. 
  • Hold at least 2 tornado drills each year and at least one of those drills must be done in March.
  • Practice at least 3 lockdown drills. At least one of these drills must be conducted by December 1st and at least one must be conducted after January 1st. The drills must be conducted with reasonable spacing between each. School boards must seek input from local public safety officials about the nature of these drills. 
  • At least one of any of these three types of drills must occur during either lunch, recess, or some other time when a significant number of students are not in their classrooms.
  • No drills may be scheduled at a time that would interfere with state-mandated testing.
  • In addition, the dates and times of these drills must be documented on the school's website within 30 days of the drill and the documentation must be maintained on the website for at least 3 years. (See link below)

2016-17 Post-Drill Report

2015-16 Post-Drill Report

2014-15 Post-Drill Report