Welcome to Otsego Public Schools!

To enroll at Otsego Public Schools, you will need to come into the appropriate building to fill out forms.
*Be sure to bring:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of residence
  • Child's immunization records
  • Child's birth certificate
  • Proof of Vision Screening (Kindergarten only)


We'd love to show you around our campus! Please feel free to call Holly McCaw, Director of Communications, to set up a building tour. Call 269-692-6073, or you can email hmccaw@otsegops.org

Kindergarten Registration
Kindergarten Registration is going on now! Please register online by clicking the link above. Information/screening dates are April 18, 20, 25 & 27 at Washington Street Elementary. If you have any questions regarding Kindergarten at OPS, call Robbin  Williams at 269-692-6150. You can sign up for kindergarten at the http://www.otsegops.org/kindergartenhttp://www.otsegops.org/kindergarten

Elementary Enrollment:
Washington Street Elementary School: 538 Washington St., Otsego, MI 49078
(This is for all elementary enrollees, regardless of which school your child will attend.)

Middle School:
Otsego Middle School, 540 Washington St., Otsego, MI 49078

High School:
Otsego High School, 550 Washington St., Otsego, MI 49078 

If you are Schools of Choice, please fill out the SOC form below as well.