The Otsego Public Schools Energy Program was established in March of 2005.  The main goal and purpose of the energy program is to manage and use energy efficiently to provide the district with energy savings, cost avoidance, as well as help the environment.  The cost avoidance savings is a way to put money back into the classroom to benefit our students.  The school board approved an energy policy of what can and cannot be in classrooms as well as regulating heating and cooling temperatures.  The reason for the program’s success is the collaborative support and help of the school board, superintendent, administration, instructional staff, coaches, custodians, maintenance, and kitchen staff.  Everyone does their part in shutting technology equipment down each day and during long shutdown periods such as Christmas break, spring break, and summer break.  Other key factors are turning lights off when leaving rooms, controlling the heating and cooling temperatures, 

maintaining and updating HVAC equipment and other appliances, and monitoring water usage 

and irrigation.  We received Energy Star status in 2010 for the High School, Middle 

School, and the three Elementary buildings which indicate that each are very energy efficient.  

Below is the monthly energy report.  It shows what each building in the district would have paid if the program was not in place, the actual utility costs, the cost avoidance savings, and the cost avoidance percentage.  A 20% cost avoidance percentage is considered good and 30% or higher is considered excellent.  We have consistently been over the 30% mark for several years.  Also at the bottom of the monthly report is the entire program cost avoidance savings and percentage.

May monthly energy report shows the cost avoidance for utilities thanks to our energy education program.