Heather Kortlandt
Director of Instruction

Otsego PLC Website

As mandated by the State of Michigan, Otsego Public Schools has developed a core
curriculum at all school levels. Outcomes to be achieved by all students have been defined based
upon the district’s educational mission, student performance objectives, Common Core State
Standards, the Michigan Grade Level Content expectation for K-8 students and the Michigan
High School Content Expectations for 9-12.

Annual Notice to Parent/guardians of 10-12th graders:

A personal curriculum can be requested to waive some requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum required for graduation in order to accelerate a student beyond the requirements quicker or modify for special needs.  If you feel you may need to request a personal curriculum please contact the high school office.

Middle School Curriculum Guides


Otsego is deeply invested in a process that is considered "best practice" in education today - organizing Professional Learning Communities, or PLCs. Professional Learning Community teams, or PLCs, are school improvement teams; they are an effective means of monitoring student growth so teachers can adjust instruction and create interventions to ensure individual student learning.

We are beginning to see increased rates of student achievement in areas where PLC projects have been established and we believe it is because of this frequent collaboration and analysis of data.

History of PLCs in Otsego
PLCs have been established and running in the high school for five years. They are now implemented across the district; we have also formed PLCs involving the entire K-12 spectrum. PLC teams consist of teachers involved in the same subject area, i.e. math, ELA, PE.

Monitoring Effectiveness
In the spring of 2012, our high school math scores were 18% higher than the State average. This result supports our feeling that we are headed in the right direction in implementing and expanding PLC teams. We attribute this improvement to the Algebra 1 PLC project that began in 2009 and is supported by two after-school intervention programs. That group was the first to experience these interventions. One of those programs, Math Lab, was recognized with an Excellence in Education award from the Michigan Association of School Boards in 2012. 

Delayed Starts
To further support the PLC projects and student success, Otsego Public Schools is implementing a series of “delayed start” dates for all our students. This program delays  students approximately 90 minutes every Wednesday, (starting September 30, 2015) to allow teachers to work in their Professional Learning Community teams. B.A.S.E. has programming at all three elementary buildings and the middle school for those in need of care during that time.